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     Thai Epoxy Flooring Co., Ltd. proud to introduce our flooring service. We supply broad range of industrial flooring product and coating service. Our new durable advanced modified epoxy rasin floor coat. Eflorxy , is specially formulated for industrial and beathing colourful life into your environment , It is extremety durable against harsh condition and adheres well to all types of floors.

     T.E.F breakthrough formula provides even tougher resistance agains dirt . dust, flaking and chemical. It is able to prevent dust accumulation , water or oil penetration, and is easy to clean thus a hygienic , dust free environment is desirable.

     T.E.Fadvanced technology enhance the waterproof property that prevent moisture penetrate from underground to surface area. Eflorxy has the elasticity charactreistics to cover both existing and future cracks. It is easily applied onto most floor surface.Indeed , steel structure, wall or water tanks are practicable too.

     At last, T.E.F. hope your factory have a good working environment for the sake of your workers and win over customer estimation and eompliments all around. Please do not hesitate to call us for more information